Book Review – Future Church by Will Mancini

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Book Review, Church Health | 3 comments

One of the books I read during my recent travels was Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth by Will Mancini. This was one that I could hardly put down with so many practical insights and nuggets of wisdom.

Let’s talk about how churches grow and what that really means. You know how sometimes it feels like churches are focused on numerical growth, but not always intentional about the discipleship part? (Really helping people grow in their faith) We all want our churches to grow because that’s part of what we believe God wants, right? But what is our part in actually making that happen? What does the future look like for our churches?

Enter Will Mancini.

This guy’s been in the church growth consulting game for over 20 years, racking up an impressive 15,000 hours of experience. And he’s got some pretty eye-opening stuff to share with pastors and ministry leaders. He’s not just spinning theories; he’s got real stories and solid ideas rooted in the Bible’s way of making disciples. The author recognizes that while many activities of the organized church are essential, they aren’t always enough to fulfill their intended mission. The authors also offer insightful alternative metrics to gauge the church’s health, moving beyond conventional measures.

This book, “Future Church,” dives into what Will Mancini sees as the biggest challenge for churches today. And get this – he lays out seven game-changing rules for genuine church growth. It’s all about staying true to what Jesus asked us to do and finding joy in it. It’s a call back to the Great Commission.

Definitely worth a read if you’re into making a real difference in your church community!

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