Best Practices for Developing Leaders

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Leadership is crucial in any organization, and a church is no exception. However, developing leaders for ministry within the church can be challenging without the proper principles and practices in place. Whether you are planting a church or part of an existing church, this applies to you.


Effective Leadership Principles


To be an effective leader, you must first develop a vision for the church and communicate it clearly to your team. You must also lead by example, showing dedication, integrity, and humility. Additionally, you should empower your team to make decisions and take ownership of their roles within the church. Finally, by fostering a culture of accountability, you can motivate your team to work together and achieve their goals.


Team Building Strategies


Building a solid team is crucial for any organization’s success, especially within a church. The first step in team building is to define roles and responsibilities clearly.

Once everyone knows what they are responsible for, you can build trust and collaboration within the team. You should also encourage open communication and foster a culture of feedback. By creating a safe space for your team to share their thoughts and concerns, you can address issues before they become more significant problems.


Equipping Methods


Equipping others for ministry is another essential aspect of leadership development within the church. As a leader, you must provide your team with the necessary tools and resources to carry out their roles effectively.

This includes training, mentoring, and ongoing support. You should also encourage your team to develop their spiritual gifts and talents, which may involve providing opportunities for them to serve in different roles within the church.

I meet with my leadership team once per week. We discuss wins of the prior week, things we need to improve and forecast our future needs.

I also take time to meet with potential leaders. Again, this is something I have to plan intentionally. Every Saturday, I block out time in the morning to meet up. This is a casual time together, but it ends up getting deep into a specific topic.


Leadership Development Resources


In addition to the principles, strategies, and methods discussed above, various leadership development programs are available for church leaders and members.

For those needing a more general education that mixes theology and practical training, I highly recommend DOVE Global Access.

When developing leaders, consider reading a book together and then gathering to discuss it. One of the books I recommend is Craig Groeschel’s book – Lead Like It Matters.


Some Practical Steps


As of this writing, I am mentoring several Gen Z leaders. We are working through 2 mini-books: Who You Are When No One’s Watching by Bill Hybels and The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley. I want them to learn not just leadership but understand that character matters!

On top of this, I always recommend specific podcasts to listen to. My favorites are The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast and Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. Also, Larry Kreider, International Director from DOVE International, has an excellent podcast in which he interviews many DOVE International leaders and 5-Fold ministers.


Final Thoughts


Developing leaders within a church requires a multifaceted approach that includes effective leadership principles, team-building strategies, equipping methods, and leadership development programs.

If you don’t have a “leadership pathway” or leadership pipeline, it’s time to start. The Church always needs good leaders. Our responsibility is to equip them.


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