Asking Tough Questions Before Planting a Church

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Church Planting, Coaching

Planting a church requires more than just a passion for spreading the Word of God. It requires a clear vision, a solid strategy, and a willingness to embrace the challenges that come with starting something new. Before planting a church, it is crucial for church leaders and planters to ask themselves tough questions to make sure they are equipped, motivated, and ready for this rewarding yet demanding journey.

Here are some crucial questions every church leader and planter should ask themselves before embarking on this journey.


1. What motivates me to plant a church?


Church planting requires a strong sense of purpose and mission. Before planting a church, ask yourself what motivates you. Is it a passion for spreading the Gospel? Is it a desire to serve a specific community? Is it a calling from God? Understanding your motivations will help you stay focused and committed during the ups and downs of church planting.


2. Do I have a clear vision and strategy?


Church planting without a clear vision and strategy is like sailing without a compass. Before planting a church, it is crucial to have a clear vision of what you aim to achieve, who your target audience is, and how you plan to reach them. A well-developed strategy will help you stay focused and measure your progress along the way.


3. Am I equipped for church planting?


Church planting requires a range of skills, including leadership, fundraising, communication, and conflict resolution. Before planting a church, ask yourself if you are equipped with the necessary skills and resources. If not, consider seeking training and support from experienced church leaders or organizations.


4. Am I willing to embrace the challenges?


Church planting is not for the faint of heart. It requires resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to face various challenges, such as financial struggles, opposition, and cultural barriers. Before planting a church, ask yourself if you are ready to face these challenges and remain faithful to your calling.


5. Do I have a support system?


Church planting can be overwhelming and isolating at times. Having a support system, including a mentor, a team, or a partner, can provide essential emotional, spiritual, and practical support. Before planting a church, build a support system that can encourage you, challenge you, and help you navigate the ups and downs of church planting.

Planting a church can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging journeys a church leader or planter can embark on. It requires more than just passion and faith. By asking tough questions before planting a church, church leaders and planters can avoid potential pitfalls, build a solid foundation for their church, and stay faithful to their calling.

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I’m Jeff Hoglen, and I love the church. I’ve been a church planter since 2001, and I currently have a church plant in southeast Asia with RockFish Church. The RFC main campus is based in North Carolina, where I previously pastored. I also oversee a network of 25 churches in the Philippines with DOVE International. Besides that, I’m a certified coach and trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team and serve as CEO of I’m a practitioner and lifelong learner within the church planting and revitalization fields, and I love to help others learn and grow.

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