Answer This Question Before You Plant A Church

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Church Leadership, Church Planting | 2 comments

Gentry McColm has written a book entitled The Inner Life of the Church Planter. While several of us have written books on the practical aspects of church planting (Church Planting Nuts and Bolts), Gentry points out that there is another side of church planting that we dare not ignore. It’s the church planter’s inner life that involves various emotional issues that he faces as he plants the church.

I note that a number of pastoral leaders have fallen due to immorality and other issues that are these inner life issues. I would encourage church planters as a part of their preparation that they look deep within themselves for issues that haven’t been addressed that need to be addressed as they prepare for the practical aspects. These would be anger issues, father-son issues (we’ve been poorly fathered), and so forth. My point is that we all “walk with a limp.”

That’s not the question. The question is this:

What are we doing about discovering the causes for our limps as a part of our preparation?

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