After Easter Follow-Up

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Church Growth, Church Leadership, Church Planting

Easter’s come and gone. You’ve had a great service and maybe even a record turnout. The energy was electric, the worship was on fire, and the message of resurrection hope was proclaimed loud and clear. But now, Easter Sunday is in the rearview. So, what’s next? How do we keep the momentum going and not let this be a once-a-year spiritual high?


Start with Heartfelt Thanks


First things first, let’s not forget to say thank you. Everyone who walked through your doors on Easter made a choice to be there, and that’s worth celebrating. Get personal here. Shoot them an email, a handwritten note, or a direct message to say thanks for joining us. It’s simple, it’s authentic, and it sets the tone for everything that follows.


Keep the Conversation Going Online


Your church’s Instagram, Facebook, or X (aka Twitter) isn’t just for announcements—it’s for connection. Post those Easter highlights, share snippets of the message, and get real with some behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into an Easter service. Let’s keep the dialogue from Easter rolling and show that our faith isn’t just a once-a-week deal.


Launch a Can’t-Miss Series


This Sunday, hit the ground running with a new series designed to speak directly to the hearts of those Easter visitors. Whether it’s tackling life’s big questions or digging into how Jesus’ resurrection changes us daily, make it relevant and gripping. Give them a reason to come back.


Host an Event Just for Newcomers


Think of something special, just for those new faces. Maybe it’s a casual meet-and-greet with the pastoral team, a “New here” luncheon, or a family fun day. It’s about showing that we’re more than a Sunday service—we’re a community that does life together.


Make Follow-Up Personal


Mass emails have their place, but nothing beats a personal touch. Have your team reach out to connect one-on-one with visitors. It could be a text, a call, or an invite for coffee. It’s about making people feel seen and valued, not just another number in the crowd.


Plug Into Small Groups


Small groups are where the church becomes family. They’re where life’s big questions get tackled and where faith becomes practical. Promote your small groups as the next step for newcomers to dive deeper, and maybe kick off a few new groups post-Easter to welcome them.


Ask for Feedback


We’re not perfect, and we know it. That’s why we ask how we can do better. Send out a quick survey to those Easter guests, asking for their honest feedback. It shows we’re listening and committed to making our church home more welcoming for everyone.


Pray Like It Depends on God


Pray Like It Depends on God—because it does. If you can, pray for each person who visited by name. Trust that God is working in their hearts long after the Easter lilies have faded. Encourage your church to join you in these prayers, believing that God is just getting started with each of these lives.




We have a message of hope that’s too good to keep to ourselves. So let’s get out there, follow up like we mean it, and watch as God does immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. Let’s go, church!


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