“Adding Value” Brings the Kingdom

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Servant Evangelism

Did you ever think about church planting as a result of simply giving people the dignity and value God has given them by sending his Son Jesus to the world? I am increasingly convinced that loving people is one of the best ways to share the Gospel. I call it “adding value to people.” As we open our hearts and love others, we are becoming a channel of God’s love and an expression of Christ himself as he is approaching people through us.

A few years ago, I sat in a hip restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.

The waitress asked us what we wanted to order. She had a nametag on her blouse. I said: “Sarah, thank you for waiting on us.” I continued, “I think you are a very honest, sensitive and good person.” She looked at me and I could see wondered how I meant it. I continued and said, “Sarah, I can see that in your eyes,” and she opened up.

After the meal, I asked her for her biggest wish.

After the meal, I asked her for her biggest wish and she mentioned that she would love to leave Australia. “To go where?” I asked. She said she would love to go to Spain. I then asked her to give me 30 seconds. I took her hands and prayed for her and as I was praying I could see how touched she was.

Finally, I gave her $20 Australian and said that was a little seed to see her dream fulfilled. A few minutes later I saw her sharing with her colleagues and overheard while she was sharing how encouraged she was.

Adding value to people is probably the most effective way to share God’s love with others.

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