A Healthy Distrust of One’s Own Ideas

by | Jun 3, 2011 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Communication / Preaching

If you’re like me, the minute you have an idea, you want to go to press with it.

To hit send.

To launch it publically.

By the time I’m sharing an idea, I’m already doing it, right?

But nothing could be more dangerous.

Great ideas can fall short when they’re not executed properly. There is a wisdom to the art of the start.

There’s only one thing that can safeguard against launching a dud: a healthy distrust of one’s own ideas.

Most evident through the failure to ask questions.

When we stop asking questions, we stop improving.

Slow down.

Don’t say a word… yet.

Ask a trusted friend or a mentor.

Beta-test the idea to a small group.

Hold your own ideas in an open hand.

And assume there’s a better way. If there is, you’ll find it.

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