A Body At Rest Will Stay At Rest. A Body in Motion…

by | Oct 1, 2011 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

A Body at Rest

A law of physics, and a spiritual law. If a church (Body of Christ) is not moving, not causing motion and a co-motion, it will stand still, motionless. Not moving, touching or changing anything or anyone.

It will stay that way, unless the church is “Bumped” and forced to move forward. Some need to get some bump going on! New vision, new passion & direction.

Signs of a body (Church) at Rest:

  • No Vision for moving forward
  • None or very few Baptisms
  • No new small groups
  • No new “Kids stuff” going on
  • No community involvement
  • No diversity inside the church

A Body In Motion

If a church is moving, it tends to continue to move unless interrupted from an outside force. It’s called momentum. Be careful of pride! You may be moving forward, but then something like pride can come and “force” a slow down if not a full stop!

Signs of a body (Church) in Motion:

  • More leaders arising
  • More connections for true relationship
  • More churches being planted
  • More groups started
  • More people coming to Christ
  • More of the community being touched
  • More of the church coming in line with vision
  • More diversity inside that matches the outside
  • Individuals taking personal responsibility for  outreach

So, how is your church moving? Do you have momentum? What say you?

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