8 Outreach Projects to Try This Fall

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Church Revitalization, Outreach and Evangelism, Servant Evangelism

I’m often asked about the best projects for success. Whether it’s a warm and sunny area like Southern California or Seattle where it apparently rains nearly half the time! There is always a great project in your midst. Here is a handful to try this fall. They are simple with few moving parts, so hopefully, newcomers to servant evangelism and outreach will feel comfortable.


1. $1 Carwash


We’ve mentioned free car washes, where we do a great job with a person’s car, then we give them a dollar for the privilege to show them God’s love in a practical way.


2. Rake leaves


You might be surprised at how fast a crew of 5 or so can rake the entire lawn of a medium-sized house. It’s good to knock on the door before you rake. Some actually like to rake their own leaves. Bag the leaves and set them where they belong.


3. Mow after raking


Under the leaves is often grass, which tends to be rather long and may need mowing.


4. Pick up debris


Branches, trash under shrubs, etc. Bag it. Put it by the curb.


5. Clean out rain gutters


This is more complicated. With this, unless the house is rather small, realistically you won’t have enough time to pull it off.


6. Wash dogs door to door


Dogs aren’t necessarily dirtier in the autumn, but some dogs, depending on their coat of hair, are only washed now and then. A good door-to-door wash might help them get past a winter wash. By the way, this is a great project to include kids.


7. Coffee


Set up in front of box stores like BJ’s, Sam’s Club or Hobby Lobby are especially gracious about letting you set up in front of their stores. Simply talk to the manager earlier in the week.


8. Cookies


Homemade cookies are the best, but Oreos are pretty popular as well.

When you connect with strangers who naturally ask why you are doing this, assume they want your gift or service – “Have you _____ yet?”

The phrase that pays: “We’re doing this just to show God’s love in a practical way. We think this is the sort of thing Jesus would do!”

For more help with outreach, visit www.kindnessoutreach.com

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