6 Keys For Turning Leaders Into Disciples

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In May of last year I wrote my first article for ChurchPlanting.com.  My post summarized both my experience as a church planter and my doctoral research into the “11 Keys to Building Second-Generation Leadership”.  In my study, I found these eleven key components to building a core team can help anyone build vibrant second-generation leaders for the church.

But, these 11 qualities of a good leader are not sufficient to make disciples.

As your church plant grows, people need to grow.  When shepherds neglect this need, there is an exodus of those early supporters who leave in search of a place that is willing, and able, to feed their soul. If you want to keep your leaders from feeling the need to leave after the first couple years of planting, then the qualities that helped make them good leaders in the founding Core Team, need to be nurtured and developed so each person can become a flourishing disciple of Jesus.

In my research, I found that the following six characteristics were not necessary for people planting a church, but they are essential if those same people are to become mature disciples.

1. Teachable in Discipleship
Disciples have a growing desire to live a holy life of service and are willing to take direction and correction as needed.

2. Humble Service to Church
Disciples recognize the growing needs of their church and are willing to expand their service to the congregation.

3. Teachable in Scripture
Disciples start with a basic knowledge of Jesus, and continue in a life-long process of submission to the doctrines of the Apostles revealed in the Scripture.

4. Bible Knowledge & Passion
Disciples have a desire not only to learn, but to demonstrate the truth of God in their daily experience.

5. Mentoring Others
Disciples know that to grow, they must become disciple-makers.

6. Small Group Participation
Disciples resist the impersonal inertia of a growing church, so they seek out small groups where they can exercise their gifts and demonstrate Christ’s love.

Church Planters… don’t be satisfied with a great start.  Find ways to build these six qualities into your ministry.  Finish well and bring all your leaders into mature discipleship!

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