4 Keys To Last Minute Sermon Planning

by | Jan 1, 2013 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

Pen Mightier than Sword

If you don’t have your series and sermons planned out for 2013…you’re not alone! Many pastors and communicators wait until the last-minute to plan things out.

Let me share with you what we’re doing and I hope it can help you to not be a “crunch time” planner.

1) Preach through the Bible every year

– We read through the Bible as a church every year (We use Mariners Church condensed reading plan)
– It gives you the opportunity to tell the entire God-Story every year
– The first two quarters (Jan-Jun) go through the Old Testament
– The last two quarters (Jul-Dec) go through the New Testament

2) Use a spreadsheet to date all the Sundays

– Plan in advance for Sunday’s off
– Understand the importance of special days, i.e.,  MLK, Mothers day, etc.

3) Plan for series to run 4-6 weeks

– Start a new series the Sunday after Easter
– Start another new series the Sunday after Labor Day

4)  Answer these questions about each sermon

– What is the main Scripture
– What story will captivate and tie to the Scripture
– What is the main idea to be conveyed
– What is the “One Point” that will be memorable

These have been a tremendous help to us in planning our sermons series, especially preaching through the Bible every year. It has helped our church to stay on the “same page” every year.

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