4 Church Leadership Myths: BUSTED!

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Church Leadership, Church Planting


1) It’s lonely being a Leader

Yes, it can be lonely at times, however most times that is by choice. There are far to many networks and groups to be a part of that know the pain and understand the  challenges of leading a church.

Don’t isolate…initiate

Don’t wait for someone to find you, find other piers and leaders that will circle with you and speak life into you as you fight the good fight.

2) The hardest one to lead, is the one that just doesn’t get it

It’s easy to throw rocks at people that just don’t “get it.” But honestly, the hardest person to lead is yourself.

Don’t make them bleed…lead.

3) I have a deficit of good leaders

You don’t have too few leaders, you have neglected to raise-up, equip and empower new ones. Most of the time your greatest leaders are going to be the one’s you personally invest in, and they begin to live and breathe the vision, passion and direction of the church.

Don’t Stress…Invest

4) It’s all on me

The buck stops with you, but it’s not all ‘on’ you. God will put people around you to take some of the burden. Sure, it can feel weighty at times, but it’s not on you. Church leader: remember, it’s God’s church, not yours.

Feel the weight…Not the pressure

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