What Should I know About Church Vision?

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, International Church Planting

Vision. We all talk about it. Its importance, its power, it’s the ability to draw people and resources. But some lessons associated with church vision will never come from the mouths of others, you may hear them, but you will have to EXPERIENCE them. Once you see them, they will always remain etched in your soul…




Vision must be salty. A vision that makes others thirsty for God, and the growth of His Kingdom can only come from God. We can’t throw out some grand scheme we think will change things and just put a “God” label on it. Only a God-authored vision will draw those to it that will see it accomplished.




Vision has to be understood at its most complex level but communicated in the most simplistic. If a 3rd grader can’t “get it” and repeat it, then you haven’t spent enough time on it. You can explain it in depth to those who wish to go deep with you, but the simple statement of your vision must be straightforward and captivating.




When you share the Salty, Simple vision God has given… give it time to settle! In other words, be patient. When you share the vision, it should go through a process like this:

Head > Information

Heart> Transformation

Hand> Passion

We have to let the vision (information) have to time to change the heart (transformation) of those with us. In turn, it will move to their hands, and they will work with passion.

If you bypass the heart (transformation), people will work with you but a very short time, and they will die out or burn out. Let the Spirit do His work in igniting the vision in the hearts of those with you, and He will move their hands with great passion.

Remember… It’s God’s “Thing” Let Him move it in His time!


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