10 Reasons You Are Ready to be a Senior Leader

by | May 2, 2022 | Church Leadership, Coaching

In looking for another file recently, I stumbled across a note I had shared with my son a few years back. At the time, he was being offered his first senior leader (pastor) position and questioning whether he was ready or not. He was in his late 20’s at the time.

So, being the ”list” person that I am I jotted down some reasons I felt good about his readiness. I’m not sure who could use this, but rather than simply delete the file I thought I’d share my words here.


10 reasons you’re ready to be a senior leader:

You are:

  1. Never fully “satisfied” with where things are in the organization.
  2. A good communicator and see the power of casting vision.
  3. One who can see the big picture.
  4. Never wanting to be involved in the mundane details.
  5. Not afraid to have hard conversations.
  6. A person with confidence in yourself.
  7. Someone not easily “spooked” by the surprises of life.
  8. A leader who doesn’t mind delegating things that don’t matter to you as much.
  9. Prone to get frustrated with poor leadership.
  10. One with a humble heart.

So, there, could this be you or someone you know ready for a senior leader position?

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