Living In The Big Picture

by | Dec 22, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

As a Church Planter, there are certain built-in big days that give you a great increase in numbers but sometimes leave you feeling empty the week after.  For example, Easter can be one of those days.  People go to church on Easter!  They come to your church, and the numbers swell.  The fact is, with proper systems in place, you will keep some of those people, but the bottom line is the very next week, you could have up to 50% fewer people.

This past Easter, I sat down with my staff in our regular Monday Staff Meeting the Monday after Easter and taught them this fact. As leaders in our church, we must:


Learn to Live in the Big Picture


I have been guilty of living week to week.  I remember launching and being so excited, but then the next week having 50% less than the week before.  The books were right!!  But it was the beginning of a “big picture” that Jesus was painting for us.

Since then, we have had big days and some more Easter’s, but I have had to learn to live in the “big picture”. I am beginning to understand that each week is a stepping stone, and sometimes those stones seem to be going backward.  However, it seems as if God shows up, and it seems as though there is a breakthrough just in time.

I have had the temptation of giving up many times.  I have fallen into depression, worry, and anxiety because I thought that I just didn’t measure up because the numbers fell in one week.  Looking back, I can see the journey that Jesus was bringing me on.  Now looking ahead, I know that the journey is not finished.

So have hope! Live in the big picture and let Jesus grow you in His time.  Here are some practical steps that have helped me live in the “big picture” that I shared with my staff:


1.  Continually Practice The Presence of God:


No matter what happens in my church, my relationship with Jesus is most important. I have had to understand and learn that Jesus is already pleased with me.


2.  Celebrate the “BIG DAYS”


Take time to celebrate every big day and thank Jesus for the “next weeks”.  Do not be afraid to shout it from the rooftops what Jesus has done on a “big day”.  Allow your team to celebrate.


3.  Plan For More Great Things:  


Live as if every Sunday is Easter.  Live in the “Big Picture,” planning on great things from God.


Because He is great, and He is doing great things in your midst, even though you may not see it right now!


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