Don’t Plant a Church, Plant the Gospel? Seriously?

by | Jul 1, 2011 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

I’ve heard the statement, “Don’t plant a church, plant the Gospel.” I understand that statement because I know the context, but I really feel that such statements bring confusion, especially to those who try to explain that within the context of church planting.

I completely agree with the premise that fuels that statement. We are coming to the realization in the Western Culture that pursing a “come and see” attractional model alone will not produce community transformation. We must become agents of change by understanding that every Follower must be on mission planting the Gospel in every field and plot of ground their feet touches.

However, what we really want to plant is churches. Only the Church can withstand the onslaught brought to bear by the gates of hell. The church in all of its ever-changing form, model and structure is still the body of Christ, His bride.

I certainly can’t say with any accuracy what the church will look like in this country ten or twenty years from now. I do know it will not “look” like it does now. It may even take the form of what some of us would consider “blasphemous.” But, the Church will endure until the end, and at it’s core will be the heart and passion for the Gospel.

So, let’s plant churches, on and with the Gospel. You can’t plant the Gospel and not grow a church. And since a seed can only produce what’s in its DNA, you can’t plant the Gospel and hope to see a church.

The challenge is to change the concept and practice of church planting, not to change what is being planted.

That’s the way I see it, what say you?

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