Discipleship Within a New Church

by | Jun 21, 2023 | Church Health, Church Planting, Discipleship

As a church planter or leader, you know how important it is to build a strong foundation for your new church. While there are many aspects to consider, discipleship should be at the heart of your efforts. But what exactly is discipleship, and why is it so essential to the success of a new church plant? In this post, we’ll explore the meaning of discipleship and its importance within a new church plant.


What is Discipleship?


First and foremost, discipleship is about following Jesus and helping others to do the same. The word “disciple” actually means a learner who follows a master teacher in a very relational and holistic way. Back in Jesus’ time, it wasn’t just about absorbing information – it was about imitating the teacher’s life, values, and teachings. That’s why being a Christian disciple is all about developing a relationship with the master teacher, Jesus, following His lead, and letting His teachings shape your worldview.

Even though Jesus is the master teacher, He gives His followers the responsibility to make disciples. As a church planter, your goal should be to make disciples who make disciples. This means helping people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus who are equipped to share the good news with others.


The Importance of Discipleship in a New Church Plant


A new church plant may start small, but it has enormous potential for growth and impact. Building a strong foundation of discipleship is the key to unlocking that potential. When you prioritize discipleship, you create a culture of growth, maturity, and multiplication. Discipleship helps people to grow in their faith, discover their spiritual gifts, and become more like Jesus. As people are transformed by Jesus, they become equipped to share the gospel with others. This is how a new church plant multiplies and impacts its community.


How to Implement a Discipleship Strategy


Implementing a discipleship strategy requires intentional planning and execution. Start by identifying key leaders in your church who can help to disciple others. These might include pastors, small group leaders, or mentors. Next, create a plan for discipleship that incorporates teaching, mentoring, and serving opportunities. Use small groups as a way to connect people and provide a space for spiritual growth and accountability. Consider offering classes or workshops on topics such as prayer, evangelism, or biblical studies. Finally, model discipleship yourself by investing in key leaders and pouring into their lives.


Overcoming Challenges to Discipleship


Even with a solid plan in place, there will be challenges to discipleship within a new church plant. One common challenge is a lack of commitment. Some people may attend your church but not be fully committed to growing in their faith. Another challenge is time. As a new church plant, you may be stretched thin with responsibilities and tasks. Overcoming these challenges requires persistence and dedication. Stay focused on your vision for discipleship, and keep investing in those who are willing to grow. Encourage people to take small steps toward growth and celebrate their progress along the way.


The Fruit of Discipleship


The fruit of discipleship is a transformed life and a growing church. When people are truly discipled, they become equipped to live out their faith in the world around them. They become leaders who can help to disciple others, and they may even be called to plant their own churches one day. Additionally, a church that prioritizes discipleship will see growth in numbers and impact within its community. Discipleship is the key to unlocking the potential of a new church plant and creating a sustainable, multiplying ministry.

Church planters, pastors, and other leaders, I encourage you to prioritize discipleship and invest in the lives of those who are willing to grow. Together, we can make disciples who make disciples and see the transforming power of Jesus in our churches and communities.

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