I was ordained and entered the full-time ministry at the age of 19 and would go on at the age of 21 to plant and pastor my first church in southern California in 1980. That would be the beginning of a 30-year career of pastoring in five different churches, three of which my wife and I planted. Ellen and I have been married for 42 years, we have five adult children and 13 grandchildren. I graduated with honors from William Jessup University with a degree in Theology and Christian Leadership. In 2006 I retired from pastoring and launched my nonprofit organization ‘Small Church Pastor’, which provides coaching, consulting, resources, and encouragement for pastors of all size churches, but I specialize in small churches. I have been a full-time pastoral coach for the past 15 years. In addition to this I moderate a large Facebook group for pastors of small churches that numbers 4,900. I am also the author of five books, and I write regularly for my blog and a newsletter that I send out weekly. ​
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