5 Church Planting Trends

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Church Leadership, Church Planting

Today, I’m excited to delve into some trends in church planting that redefine our approach to expanding God’s kingdom. These insights are not just about growth in numbers but about enhancing our strategies and perspectives in fulfilling our calling.


1. Prioritizing the Kingdom Over Individual Churches


Our first trend moves our focus from expanding individual churches to nurturing the broader kingdom of God. This shift in perspective encourages us to think beyond our local congregations, embracing a global view of our role in the larger body of Christ. It’s about recognizing that our efforts should transcend denominational boundaries and work in harmony towards a common goal.


2. Collaboration Through Networks and Denominations


The power of unity is evident in today’s church planting efforts. We’re witnessing an increasing trend of churches uniting within networks and denominations, sharing resources and insights. This collective effort, rooted in shared beliefs and methodologies, exemplifies the unity and diversity of the body of Christ working together.


3. Rethinking Traditional Church Growth Ideas


We’re challenging the long-held belief that numerical growth is synonymous with a healthy church. It’s a time for introspection and rethinking our approach to growth. We’re focusing on cultivating genuine faith and impactful discipleship, measuring success not just by numbers but by the depth of transformation in individuals and communities.


4. Balancing Urban Focus with Rural and Suburban Outreach


Our mission fields are diverse, and our strategies need to mirror this diversity. While urban church planting is crucial, there’s an emerging focus on the often-overlooked rural and suburban areas. Our calling is to minister to all demographics, adapting our strategies to meet the distinct needs of each community we serve.


5. Emphasizing Longevity and Maturity in Church Planting


Sustainability is key to effective church planting. It’s vital to balance initial enthusiasm with a commitment to long-term growth and stability. We must ensure church planters are well-prepared, equipped, and supported for the enduring task ahead. This involves careful selection, thorough training, and a gradual approach to building strong, lasting church communities.

These trends invite us to adopt a more holistic, reflective, and deliberate approach to church planting. It’s about building God’s kingdom thoughtfully and focusing on long-term effectiveness and impact.

Stay faithful in your journey, and remember, your efforts in the kingdom have an everlasting impact.


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