3 Things to Remember During Tough Times

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Church planting is one of the toughest callings – period. Those who think it’s easy are either crazy, never tried, or have never been involved with a new church plant.

Over the course of time, problems arise, and leaders have to make decisions – tough decisions. I don’t need to give a laundry list of things that can weigh you down mentally, emotionally and even physically. If you have been church planting for more than a few weeks, you understand. In order to deal with the ebb and flow of ministry life, it helps to take some time and remember these three things:


1) Remember your original call.

What did God say way back when? I believe God speaks today. I also think that most church planters feel the same. If you kept a journal during that time, find that journal and read it! Pay big-time attention to what He has said and what He continues to speak.


2) Remember the zeal you had to reach your community.

It might be that your tough time is merely a wake-up call to get your eyes off yourself and onto the Lost. Serve like crazy. Open your mouth and share the Gospel. Recommit to outreach.


3) Remember to have fun.

Don’t overlook this one! Don’t you dare run too hard too long. Work hard but also play hard! Take some time to get away and build memories with your family. While away, take some time to refresh and recharge. Ministry is a marathon and not a sprint!

You are needed where you are. You are vital to your city whether anyone can see it right now or not. One day many will see it. Persevere and have fun along the journey.


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