3 Point-Blank Truths For Pastors

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As a Pastor, there are lots of things in your mind.

(It’s a jungle in there – lol)


It’s a Social Media world, where rapid-fire communication can fill out minds with so many thoughts.

It’s the Information Age of Google, where we can find an avalanche of ideas on any subject.

  • Sometimes our “Overwhelm” is fueled by TOO MANY thoughts.
  • Sometimes our “Lack of Clarity” comes from TOO MANY ideas.

But if you choose to slow down a minute and really digest these simple thoughts, I want to bring your attention back to three point-blank truths.


1. If you’re CALLED, God will EQUIP You


You know the story of Moses and the burning bush so well.

God had heard the cry of the people, and He wanted to do something about it.

God’s plan was to use Moses to deliver them, but Moses felt incredible unqualified.

He probably didn’t tell his spouse, his kids, or his friends – but he felt unqualified to do what God wanted him to do.


God’s Response:

God’s response to Moses wasn’t to that he could do it on his own – but that he wasn’t on his own.

He told Moses over and over that he was CALLED, and that HE would equip him with everything he needed along the way.


You know this story, but this is a point-blank reminder that if you are CALLED, God will Equip you with everything you need along the way.

Moses stood at the burning bush feeling weak and not knowing the details of how it was all going to play out.  You may be standing in a similar place, but the promise is still true.  GO and KNOW that God will resource with everything you personally need along the way.


2. Family > Everything Else


  • Ministry is SO important.
  • The Local Church is SO important.
  • Your Congregation is SO important.
  • Your FAMILY is SO MUCH MORE important.

It’s a battle every Pastor faces, because our calling is heavy.  We genuinely WANT to do a good job for God.

And all these things are incredibly important, but too often, we lose touch with our families because the lions-share of our attention is on other things.


In the book “The Four Chairs”, Pastor Nelson Hight shares the story of how God made it incredibly clear to him that when we get our ATTENTION out of order, our LIVES get out of order.

“Your greatest calling is to the ones your kiss goodnight.” –Nelson Hight

I want to do ministry well, but not with my family getting the scraps of my time and energy.


>> CLICK HERE to get “The Four Chairs” book. <<<


3. The devil HATES you so much.


Pretty encouraging, right?



As a Pastor, God has a great CALLING on your life, but the enemy has a great TARGET on your back.


I believe that in the enemy’s eyes, some people are more of a threat to what he wants to do in this world.  His goal is to steal, kill, and destroy – and since you stand in the way of him doing that, you become his prime target.

Assuming the role of a Pastor, you also assume the role as a direct enemy of the devil, waging battle against him and what he wants to accomplish.


That shouldn’t scare us or intimidate us, but it SHOULD make us understand that we have to stay ALERT and PROTECTED.

  • Never sacrifice your Quiet Time with God.
  • Never launch into a day without putting on the WHOLE Armor of God.
  • And never forget that “Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.”

The devil hates you so much, but God is for you.


Stay close to God.

Stay close to God.

Stay CLOSE CLOSE to God.

Please Stay SUPER Close to God.


HE will help you stay Alert to what you need to see, and HE will protect you.


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