10 Common Vision and Momentum Killers

by | Mar 10, 2012 | Church Leadership, Church Planting, Communication / Preaching | 1 comment

First of all, I believe momentum is usually a byproduct of great vision and great vision needs momentum to moveforward. There is definitely a relationship between vision and momentum. For context I define momentum as a series of wins needed to move forward and vision as the ability to see forward (or into the future). Recently, I spent a few hours with a few church planters. In our conversation we talked about the things that can limit (or kill) vision and momentum. As I flew home I decided to come up with 10 vision and momentum killers I often see in church planting.

1. The belief that vision and momentum happen in a vacuum. Great vision only gets accomplished with great relationships.

2. Settling for the status quo. Believing what is working today will work well in the future. Many times vision and momentum are killed by our past and present successes.

3. Living in “maintenance mode.” Personally I think this may be the greatest vision and momentum killer. Thinking we have arrived is the beginning of a long slow, painful death for any movement or organization.

4. Not inviting others into the journey. Vision leaks and needs to be shared recklessly.

5. Not effectively resourcing your vision. If vision is important in needs to have fuel.

6. Not listening. Simple, listen to God and listen to those most relationally connected to the vision. Sometimes we need to simply sit down, shut up and listen!

7. Lack of evaluation. Do as Nehemiah did, take time to pause, reflect, evaluate and make mid-course corrections.

8. The refusal to join God where is already at work. Why try to recreate what God is already done or in the process of doing.

9. Not bringing your “A” game. Vision and momentum requires hard work and excellence. Live with a Malachi 1 mindset.

10. Changing your mind. Too many times momentum and vision die because we don’t remain committed to it or we become fearful if it doesn’t work as quickly as we hoped.

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