7 Quick but Powerful Reminders for Pastors

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I have quick – but powerful reminders for pastors.

I’ve still been a pastor for less time than I was in the marketplace in my career but I’ve hit the twenty year mark. Along the way I’ve learned a few principles that help me in my work as a pastor.

The only purpose of this blog is to share some of that. Here are a few quick reminders.


7 quick – but powerful reminders for pastors.


If God is calling you, the details won’t matter.


Neither will the money or the people. Or the naysayers.

Make sure He is calling you. Check with wise counsel. But if you’re sure, then go for it, and He will supply the resources. We see this modeled throughout the Scriptures – and I’ve seen it throughout my ministry.


You can’t compare your context to another. 


I have seen this so many times. Social media is no friend in this. There will always be someone that appears to be doing better.

You may be in a church averaging less than 100 people but in your context you’re “killing it” for Jesus. Be true to YOUR calling. Be faithful in the context God has given you.


Your critics don’t determine your worth. Jesus does.


It has simply amazed me what people feel the freedom to say to their pastor – often just before we get up to preach. Those words can haunt the mind of any pastor. But they aren’t the “words” – or the opinions that matter most.

”It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.“ (Psalms‬ ‭118‬:‭8‬)

This doesn’t mean critics don’t matter. Everyone matters to Jesus. But don’t live your life for the affirmation or the defamation from others.


Never stay in any ministry position for a paycheck.


Just don’t do it. It’s unfair to the church, yourself, and your calling.


Your calling is bigger than your current position.


Your calling is to a person. You are a disciple of Jesus Christ – as are the people you are currently shepherding.

You work at His pleasure – on His timing – and by His permission.

This is not something to be turned into arrogance or a lack of accountability. But it’s a good reminder when the “position” doesn’t quite work out for you or the church.


You have one soul. Guard it with your life.


Above all else, guard your heart. (Proverbs 4:23)


You’ve got a friend in Jesus.


Pastoring can be a lonely job at times. You may sense it when people are talking behind your back – and most likely some are at any given time. You’ll feel the tension in the room when you don’t say or respond as people think you should.

But in the words of Dolly and Zach – “There was (is) Jesus”. Always lean into Him.

Pastors, anything you’ve learned you’d like to pass along?


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